Mr. A. Ton

Hello My Name Is...

<Mr. Allan Ton>

I am an 8th year teacher starting as the Grade 7 & 8 Math teacher at RMS.  I believe learning and identity are correlational.  Our identity is formed through out ability to be life long learners, our back ground and experiences. We constanly change how we identify ourselves based on our learned experiences in life.  I believe all children want to learn as they want to discover their self-identity as they grow.  If we provide them with endless opportunity to learn, they will find endless possibilities to identify their own character, place in the world and self-value, to how they want to self-create.  We teachers and parents are here to facilitate that process. 

I came to Slave Lake and HPSD at RMS because I wish to be a part of a growing success story for our future generation of learners in this community.  I am too starting out my family in this beautiful town and hope to be an intergral part of the growing generation here.  Thank you for having me join your team of educators and learners alike. 

Mr. Allan Ton